Maurice Noah

Dance Music Download: Maurice Noah – In the Shivering Channel


Artist: Maurice Noah
Title: In The Shivering Channel
Taken from release: DHMDG021
Genre(s): Indie Dance Music, Electro House Music, 90’s style
BPM: 132
Format: mp3 (192-320kbps)/mp4/wav digital download

Pure high energy electro material with a pretty 90s oldskool influence.

It’s for you if you like retro videogames, sinclair zx spectrum, dominant moog leads, enygmatic lyrics, space travels while greasing the wheels of your spacecar with alien slime.

About the artist: Born in the gloomy suburbs of Capitol City, Maurice Noah lived a peaceful life until the age of 16.
One day he was in his favourite music shop when two thieves came in: there was the deafening crack of a single gun shot, the bullet struck the amp … Maurice was electrocuted through his head phones.
His ears were no longer the same…

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