Digital Art Factory announces new 2013 dance music track Gloria by Maurice Noah vs Gloria. THX88 is a collective dedicated to electronica with an indie touch.

Maurice Noah vs Glo Ria

Summer 2013: the pop hit Gloria by Laura Branigan, platinum in the United States in 1982, is now been resumed in an EDM key by DJ and electronic music producer Maurice Noah, featuring the voice of emerging singer Glo Ria.
The character of Gloria meets a metamorphosis in the transition from old Eighties music tapes to today’s digital media: drum machines and synthesizers become more frantic and nervous, relocating the dissatisfaction of Gloria’s character in the contemporary generation, into tough times and into a life that runs at a higher speed.

The song Gloria was born from the collaboration of Italian composer Umberto Tozzi with foreign producers in 1979. The song acquired international fame in the biennium 82-83 thanks to an English-language rework by Laura Branigan, that climbed to the top position in the USA singles chart named “Cash Box”.
A prestigious result accomplished only by one other Italian: Domenico Modugno and his Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu.
Gloria‘s international fame was further consolidated by its feature in the musical Flashdance.



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